Andrew Heaney's impending promotion is creating plenty of buzz on Twitter. (USATSI)
Andrew Heaney's impending promotion is creating plenty of buzz on Twitter. (USATSI)

Monday. It's the day my Twitter feed blows up with more questions than I could possibly answer. Between everything that happened over the weekend and the upcoming lineup deadline, the demand is great. So instead of sequestering myself on a corner of the Internet where I can help only a handful of people, all one at a time, I thought I'd present some of my Twitter feed as sort of a modified mailbag for all the world to see.

Or to put it another way, we're mass communicating! (That's a powerful new force.)

Tough decision with Andrew Heaney getting the call later this week. Both pitchers have immense upside. Heaney may have more job security and, as you pointed out, the better park, but the innings could catch up to him quickly. The tiebreaker may be Kevin Gausman's relief pitcher eligibility. If it's not a factor in your league, you might opt for Heaney instead.

You're asking the wrong guy about Drew Pomeranz. I'm a firm believer in the post-Coors effect for a pitcher who should have been Heaney before anyone had heard of Heaney. Sure, he won't maintain a 1.90 ERA all year, but he'll be must-own even if it rises a run and a half. Heaney is completely unproven by comparison, and I'm not sure the upside is so different.


... which probably says more about the corrections still to come (yes, even 2 1/2 months in) than Billy Hamilton himself. I'm not down on Hamilton or anything, but his owners should view any home runs he hits as gravy.

I'll go Jay Bruce, Allen Craig and Dexter Fowler a distant third. That's the boring answer that presumes I've paid absolutely no attention to what's happened so far, but again, plenty of corrections to come still. For Bruce owners growing impatient with their streaky slugger, note that he's batting .267 (12 for 45) with two homers and an .822 OPS so far in June.

Normally, I like to give a pitcher one start to prove his health before activating him in Fantasy, but I'll give the benefit of the doubt to a strikeout pitcher facing the Astros.

I think Michael Brantley's breakthrough is mostly legit. He's at the right age for it (27) and has always had an exceptional contact rate. Of course, if you need pitching more, there's nothing wrong with trading him, but you want to be sure to sell high. A top-five outfielder should net maybe a Cole Hamels or James Shields type. I wouldn't take anything outside my top 25 at starting pitcher.

Yes. R.A. Dickey is the one giving up all the home runs now. Hughes may still struggle with them in some venues, but he at least has the control to overcome them.

I like both as sleepers, but I don't see how anyone in his right mind would sit Lonnie Chisenhall right now. I'm buying the breakout, too. Not saying he'll win a batting title or anything, but given the pedigree and high contact rate, I could see him being a plus hitter all year, especially at third base.

Either one, but I'd prefer to trade Justin Masterson. His consistent inconsistency makes me want to shove my head into a ceiling fan.

That's an A in my book. Particularly in a shallow league like yours, consolidating two good players for an elite one is the way to go.

So Walt Weiss can have more platoon options, of course. As if Charlie Blackmon and Corey Dickerson sitting against lefties wasn't frustrating enough, he wants to make sure to ruin Justin Morneau's mixed-league appeal as well. In fairness, I'm not sure any of those players is ruined in mixed leagues, but with the exception of maybe Blackmon, I'm not sure you'll be able to trust any every week either.