Things happen fast in the NFL. And in an effort to get you the best content for your upcoming Fantasy drafts over Labor Day weekend, we tried to hold as many mock drafts as possible. But from the time this draft ended to when I sat down to write this review, things have already changed.

We held this 12-team, 0.5 PPR mock draft Wednesday afternoon. This was prior to Leonard Fournette signing with Tampa Bay and before the Washington Football Team released Adrian Peterson. As such, you'll see the players impacted by these moves in different spots then you probably will when your Fantasy draft happens. So let's address that here. 

For Fournette, he's now someone to consider as a low-end starter/high-end flex option on Draft Day. I expect him to lead the Buccaneers in touches by the end of the season and be the best Fantasy running back in their backfield. The earliest you should draft Fournette in 0.5 PPR is Round 6.

Ronald Jones is still worth drafting in all leagues with a pick in Round 9 or 10, and he is still going to be relevant. He will likely start in Week 1 against New Orleans since Fournette probably won't be ready for a featured role. But Jones is now likely going to be No. 2 on the depth chart, even if coach Bruce Arians continues to support him.

The addition of Ke'Shawn Vaughn in the NFL Draft and the signing of LeSean McCoy and Fournette is a clear indication Arians isn't sold on Jones as a featured option. But even in a reduced role, Jones could still be a flex option in the majority of leagues.

I'm not drafting McCoy, who could still play a role in the passing game. And Vaughn is now only worth drafting in dynasty leagues since it appears unlikely he'll play much, if at all, in his rookie campaign.

In Washington, Peterson's release will hopefully clear a path for Antonio Gibson and Bryce Love to get plenty of playing time, although don't be surprised if Peyton Barber and J.D. McKissic still get work. However, Gibson was already slated for a decent role as a rookie, but now he could be a star if given enough touches.

The converted receiver from Memphis will hopefully get more than 150 total touches for the season, with a good portion of them coming in the passing game. If he approaches 200 total touches, he could finish as a top 20 Fantasy running back in all leagues. I'm drafting Gibson in Round 6 in 0.5 PPR leagues.

Love is someone to target with a late-round pick in all leagues, and hopefully he's in the mix to lead the Washington Football Team in carries. Barber could be a roadblock for that, especially early in the season, but Love could be a flex option if given an expanded role. I'm looking for Love in Round 10 or later in all formats.

Here, in this mock draft, Gibson went in Round 8, while Love was drafted in Round 14. Fournette was drafted in Round 11 when he was still without a team, and I drafted Jones in Round 4.

If I didn't draft Jones there, I would have selected D.J. Chark as my No. 2 receiver. I started my team from No. 4 overall with Alvin Kamara, Aaron Jones and Kenny Golladay, and even though this is a three-receiver league, I was looking for Jones to be my flex.

The rest of my running back corps is J.K. Dobbins, Latavius Murray, A.J. Dillon and Damien Harris. My receivers along with Golladay are Stefon Diggs, Preston Williams, Henry Ruggs III and Sammy Watkins. I have Tom Brady at quarterback and Blake Jarwin at tight end.

This roster would look a lot better with Chark. But Jones was the pick at the time when he looked like the starter for the Buccaneers. Now, we know, that's no longer the case.

I still encourage you to devour these results prior to your draft. The draft is still very relevant, and you can use this mock draft to see what positions -- maybe not the exact players -- you want to target in each round.

In this league, all touchdowns are worth six points, and we award one point for every 10 yards rushing and receiving and one point for every 25 yards passing. We also award 0.5 points for every reception. We feature a starting lineup of QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, FLEX (RB/WR/TE), K and DST. There also are six reserve spots for a 16-round draft. 

Our draft order is as follows:

1. Dave Richard, Senior Fantasy Writer
2. Andrew Baumhor, CBS Sports HQ Producer
3. Chris Towers, Senior Editor, Fantasy  
4. Jamey Eisenberg, Senior Fantasy Writer
5. Heath Cummings, Senior Fantasy Writer
6. Meron Berkson, CBS Sports HQ Producer
7. Jacob Gibbs, SportsLine Fantasy Analyst  
8. Jack Capotorto, CBS Sports HQ Producer
9. R.J. White, NFL Editor
10. George Maselli, Fantasy Editor
11. Adam Aizer, Fantasy Football Podcast Host  
12. Frank Stampfl, Fantasy Baseball Podcast Host