Unsurprisingly, when I put out the call on Twitter for mailbag questions, there was one situation I was asked about more than any other. That's the Packers without Davante Adams. Or who is going to replace Adams? And while we're at it, what should we think of Adams with Derek Carr? And what should we think of Aaron Rodgers without Adams? 

The trade on Thursday night was a shocking one and those shockwaves will continue to reverberate through both the NFL and the Dynasty Fantasy Football world. There's no better place to start than in Green Bay ... or Las Vegas.

What does the Davante Adams trade mean for Dynasty Fantasy Football?

Let's start first in Green Bay, since that's where the majority of the questions are directed. Unfortunately, I don't think we know anything yet. As of Friday morning Allen Lazard looks like the team's No. 1 receiver with Randall Cobb and Amari Rodgers right in the same neighborhood. I can't imagine it will remain this way. 

From a Dynasty perspective, Amari Rodgers has the most value, because he's just 22 years old. But he's also a guy who was a Round 3 pick and just delivered 45 yards in his rookie season despite playing 16 games. Rodgers should absolutely be rostered in every Dynasty league, but I'm not giving up more than a late second-round pick in a rookie draft to try to acquire him. This seems more like a sell window than a buy window. 

Lazard should also be rostered, but he's 26 years old and doesn't yet have a 600-yard season, so this is another guy who is more of a waiver wire add than anything. If there's someone on the roster who gets a legitimate short-term boost, I would say it's the running backs. We've seen Aaron Jones benefit when Adams is out, and this could help him remain a top-12 back in 2022 even with Dillon taking on a larger role.

As for free agents who could join the Packers, three veterans come to mind: Julio Jones, Jarvis Landry, and JuJu Smith-Schuster. Any one of these guys would vault into the top-24 immediately in 2022, but Smith-Schuster has the most Dynasty upside because he's still just 25 years old. I would also expect the Packers will draft at least one receiver in the first two rounds, and that draft pick could be their No. 1 receiver as early as this season.

Finally, this is a pretty big downgrade for Rodgers. His age means he's really only an option for win-now teams and it's unclear how much of a difference maker he'll be without a star No. 1 receiver. I'm updating my Dynasty quarterback rankings this week and I don't expect Rodgers will be in my top 15.

In Las Vegas, it's a bit of a mixed bag. Derek Carr gets an enormous boost; he's now a top-15 quarterback in re-draft and may very well pass Rodgers in my Dynasty rankings. Darren Waller has more touchdown upside, but probably loses target share. I'm most viewing this as a push for him and a small hit to Josh Jacobs' value.

The big loser in Las Vegas I project to be Hunter Renfrow. He is more dependent on volume than most wide receivers and now he'll likely be behind both Adams and Waller in target share. He was a top-30 receiver in my February rankings update, I wouldn't be surprised if he falls out of the top 40 once I add the 2022 rookies.

Adams himself will likely fall outside of my top five Dynasty receivers when I update next week, but he'll still be a top-10 guy worth a second-round pick in a startup.

Selling Austin Ekeler?

First things first; you're right. Ekeler does seem like a screaming sell-high. Every 27-year-old top-10 running back should be. By Week 1 of this year that includes Ekeler, Alvin Kamara, Dalvin Cook, Aaron Jones, and Ezekiel Elliott. OK, Jones and Elliott have already had their value take a hit, but they're just showing you what is to come for the other three.

But Nick brings up the more painful side of this. If you're a true contender (one of the best four teams in the league), I would not advise making yourself worse in 2022 just because the player is about to depreciate. I would be more likely to push my chips further in, by acquiring another aging star. We play this game for championships and that gets lost sometimes in the discussion about value. 

If you still wanted to trade Ekeler but didn't want to crush your chances at a title this year, I'd target Adams. He's a couple of years older, but he plays a position that ages better, and after the downgrade in quarterback you may even be able to get  a young player on top of Adams. 

Too low on Darnell Mooney?

This one caught me off guard a little bit. I had Mooney at WR24 in my most recent Dynasty wide receiver rankings in February. While I will be updating those this coming week, I don't foresee a big change for Mooney.

The first thing I would challenge is that Mooney has had two "very good years". He turned 98 targets as a rookie into 631 yards and four touchdowns. Last year he saw his opportunity greatly increased, with 140 targets, and he just barely topped 1,000 yards and still scored only four touchdowns. 

Amongst the 35 players to see at least 200 targets over the past two seasons, Mooney ranks 32nd in yards per target, 34th in yards per game, and only three players in that class have scored fewer touchdowns.

He's a former fifth-round pick, so he doesn't have great pedigree, and his quarterback situation is still unproven. I'm pretty concerned that at some point in the very near future he's going to be the No. 2 wide receiver instead of the No. 1 in Chicago. If nothing else, that's what the Bears should be aiming for.

So that's the case against Mooney being more than a borderline No. 2 wide receiver in Dynasty. That being said, I don't dislike him as a high-upside WR3. There are just way too many young, talented wide receivers for him to be ranked any higher.

Malik Willis at 1.01 in Superflex?

I don't think there's anything that could happen that would make Willis the unquestioned No. 1, even in a Superflex league. But there's absolutely a path to Willis being the consensus No. 1 by early May. The difference is more of a macro vs. micro discussion. For an individual team there are a variety of circumstances I could see where the right pick is not Willis, most notably if that team is stacked at quarterback. 

The path to Willis becoming the consensus No. 1 is pretty simple. If he's a top-10 pick with a chance to play this year, that's likely where I'm ranking him. And yes, Lawrence, Lance, and Fields disappointed in Year 1, but we're talking about a Dynasty Superflex league. There's still a clear path to all three of those quarterbacks being the most valuable player in that format moving forward.

This also brings up the point that the team with the No. 1 pick probably doesn't have a competitive team and probably shouldn't be drafting for Year 1 production. An elite quarterback can have a 10-15-year run as a true difference-maker, maybe even as a league-winner in Superflex. That possibility should be weighed more heavily by a team that earned its way to the No. 1 pick as opposed to a competitive team that traded its way into it.

The bottom line? If a player with Willis' profile gets drafted in the top 10, he's at the very least in the discussion for 1.01 in a Dynasty Superflex league.