I've written a lot of words about what Baker Mayfield means for D.J. Moore and the Carolina Panthers. In fact, I've been accused of making too much of it by some. But what we haven't really talked about this what this means for Mayfield, which is probably because we don't talk enough about leagues where you can start two quarterbacks. 

Mayfield fits very well in the borderline QB2 discussion in Dynasty because there are a dozen quarterbacks who could easily be top-15 QBs this season but could also be out of a job in 2023. Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are technically in this discussion, but only because at their age they could choose to stop playing at any time. Technically Mac Jones, Davis Mills, and Kenny Pickett are all ranked in this range as well, but that's mostly because of their lower floor. Although Mills and Pickett could absolutely get replaced next year if they're bad enough in 2022. In fact, Pickett isn't even guaranteed a chance to start this year.

The guys in the group who really fit with Mayfield are guys like Daniel Jones, Jameis Winston, Carson Wentz, and Ryan Tannehill. Mitchell Trubisky ad Marcus Mariota aren't far behind but most have assumed they won't make it through this year as starters.

If Mayfield is able to get back to 2020 form, there's a chance he finishes as a top-15 QB in Fantasy, earns a multi-year deal as a starter and vaults into the top-20 in the rankings below. Most of his career statistics frame Mayfield as an average to slight-above-average starting quarterback in the NFL. And that includes the disaster that was the Freddie Kitchens season and Mayfield playing through most of last year injured. There are still reasons to be optimistic.

There's also a chance Mayfield can't stay healthy or struggles and never gets a real shot as a starting quarterback again, which is why he isn't already in the top 20. He's a middling-upside, no-floor quarterback but he likely has a starting job now and he has the weapons around him to matter in 2QB leagues.

Here are my updated Dynasty quarterback rankings: