I have written about it a lot in the past, but I'm not sure anything better illustrates the problem with one set of Dynasty rankings than the tight end position right now. It was almost enough to cause me to create a separate ranking for contenders and pretenders, instead, I'll explain the conflict before we get to the updated rankings below.

The issue starts at the very top, with Travis Kelce and Kyle Pitts. If you're a contender, you should not doubt prefer Kelce, flags fly forever. If you're rebuilding, you should be doing everything you can to get Kelce off your roster, because at 31 years old his value could crater at just about any minute. 

And while Kelce is old, in football terms, he's certainly not the only one. Four of the current top six in PPR scoring are 29 years old or older. That doesn't include George Kittle, but he'll turn 28 in October. These guys could be key parts of championship squads this year, but they have no place on a rebuilding roster.

The other side of the equation is the breakout we're seeing from T.J. Hockenson and, to a lesser extent, Noah Fant. These are maybe the only two tight ends who should be universally popular, though Pitts may just be one big game away from changing that. 

I don't think I've said anything too groundbreaking yet, but I do want to speak to those rebuilding teams who don't have Hockenson, Fant, or Pitts on their roster. Do not give up on Cole Kmet, keep stashing Irv Smith, and actively target the younger tight ends that are disappointing. It's going to take patience with those guys, but you're not trying to win right now anyway. Hopefully, by the time you're ready to compete, they are as well.

And of course, to those of you who are competing, you can ignore how low Rob Gronkowski is in the rankings below and start him for as long as he keeps this up. You may even want to think about acquiring someone like Jack Doyle or Jared Cook. Age is irrelevant when you're chasing a title.

Here are my updated Dynasty tight end rankings: