So, who is actually good at the quarterback position entering Week 5 of the NFL season? That's a tougher question than you might think to answer.

Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, Jalen Hurts, and Justin Herbert are all definitively good, and should be the top five in some order both for Week 5 and in any rest-of-season rankings. After that, there are a lot of questions marks. Kyler Murray is off to a dreadful start throwing the ball and hasn't been as effective running as we're used to; Tom Brady hasn't looked right amid a bunch of injuries along the offensive line and to his receiving corps; Matthew Stafford has been a disaster; and Russell Wilson hasn't been much better. Hoped-for breakouts from Justin Fields and Trey Lance have been sidetracked, and Kirk Cousins and Derek Carr haven't taken the steps forward we expected either.

Is Joe Burrow the sixth-best quarterback in Fantasy moving forward? Is Trevor Lawrence a top-12 guy? Is Jared Goff? It's a weird time around the league, with scoring down across the board and would-be star quarterbacks struggling, often with pretty standard coverage schemes that have proved pretty frustrating for even some of the best passers in the league. The big play hasn't been there for a lot of offenses like Cincinnati's, and it's made life tougher than expected for their quarterbacks.

I think there's a clear tier of five players at the top of the rankings right now, and after that, things look pretty wide open. I mean … Jared Goff is a top-12 QB for me against the Patriots. I don't feel great about it, but I don't feel great about a lot of quarterbacks right now. 

Here are my full QB rankings for Week 5. 

  1. Josh Allen vs. PIT
  2. Patrick Mahomes vs. LV
  3. Lamar Jackson vs. CIN
  4. Jalen Hurts @ARI
  5. Justin Herbert @CLE
  6. Kyler Murray vs. PHI
  7. Tom Brady vs. ATL
  8. Joe Burrow @BAL
  9. Kirk Cousins vs. CHI
  10. Derek Carr @KC
  11. Trevor Lawrence vs. HOU
  12. Jared Goff @NE
  13. Carson Wentz vs. TEN
  14. Marcus Mariota @TB
  15. Matthew Stafford vs. DAL
  16. Teddy Bridgewater @NYJ
  17. Geno Smith @NO
  18. Andy Dalton vs. SEA
  19. Zach Wilson vs. MIA
  20. Kenny Pickett  @BUF
  21. Cooper Rush @LAR
  22. Jacoby Brissett vs. LAC
  23. Jimmy Garoppolo @CAR
  24. Justin Fields @MIN
  25. Baker Mayfield vs. SF
  26. Davis Mills @JAX
  27. Ryan Tannehill @WAS
  28. Bailey Zappe vs. DET