CBS Launches Casual Games Channel

Users can choose from 12 casual online games to play for free

Fort Lauderdale, Fla., September 20, 2005 - CBS, a leading Internet sports media organization and part of CBS Digital Media, announced today that they have launched a casual games channel, bringing an added dimension of enjoyment and community to their flagship web site.

Located at, CBS's games channel will offer 12 popular titles for users to play for free. Developed in conjunction with Skyworks Technologies, Inc., the titles include sports themes like Pin High Golf, Full Throttle Speedway and Downfield Strike. Also offered are classic games such as Darts, Chess, Backgammon and Reversi, as well as card room favorites Hearts, Spades and Texas Hold 'em. Corner Pocket 3D Billiards takes online pool to a new level providing a three-dimensional gaming experience. Finally, there is a Crossword game to keep puzzle fanatics hooked for hours.

While the games will initially be offered for play from a single, web-connected computer, multi-player versions will be launched in early 2006 allowing a community of online gamers to compete against one another and form gaming leagues with people from all parts of the globe.

"With the enormous growth that is expected from the online games sector, our games channel has the potential to become a viable revenue stream in the mold of our fantasy sports business," said Steve Snyder, General Manager, CBS "There is a tremendous amount of advertising potential within these games as a sponsor's brand and message can be embedded into the product and constantly reinforced to a very captive audience."

In addition to the online games, CBS will also offer full coverage of the video gaming industry from CBS Digital Media's dedicated staff of "GameCore" writers. From reviews of the latest and hottest games on the market to information on different gaming platforms, users will get a wide variety of gaming content at CBS Users will also have access to video previews of new game releases via the CBS streaming media "EyeBox."

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