1. Personal attacks:
Personal attacks toward other users of any kind will not be tolerated, regardless of language and/or profanity. This includes, but is not limited to; name calling, insults, harassment, racism, threats, posting of personal information, etc. Controversial posts regarding teams/players and sports are not considered personal attacks. Posts which disagree with ideas presented by another user are not considered personal attacks. Being called stupid, tool or a fool is not considered a personal attack. Retaliation to someone else's personal attack with another personal attack is also not allowed and should be handled by reporting the post.
Examples of Appropriate and Inappropriate statements:
  • Appropriate:Your team is dumb.
  • Appropriate: That was a stupid idea.
  • Appropriate: I hate that team. They play horribly and they're all jerks.
  • Appropriate: I disagree with your opinion. I think you're wrong.
  • Inappropriate: All fans of that team are dumb.
  • Inappropriate: You're an idiot.
  • Inappropriate: I hate you. You don't know anything and you're a jerk.
2. Language and content:
We utilize a censoring system to hide language and content that is not suitable for universal consumption.Racism, egregious personal attacks, violence and graphic sexuality of any sort is not acceptable,even if the content is hidden by our censoring system. Quoting such items as posted by another user is also not allowed. Attempting to circumvent our censoring system, utilizing acronyms and slight spelling alterations of profanity in order to circumvent the censoring system will not be tolerated and will be treated as if the actual word was used. This includes replacing letters with symbols, other characters, adding spaces between letters or any other changes as long as the original intent is clear.
Note: Users are still responsible for what they post. Posts containing any of the above will be reportable as abuse and may result in banning. Comments that violate the Moderation Guidelines will be removed from the site and the user could be banned at anytime if the moderation staff deems them to be excessively abusing the guidelines.
3. Personal information and communication:
Posting personal information about a fellow user and/or posting communication with members of the CBSSports.com moderation staff is not permitted and may result in banning.
4. Posting off-site links:
Off-site links are permitted as long as they are relevant to the subject being discussed in a thread. Off-site links to sites that do not conform to the Moderation Guidelines are not allowed. Repeated posting of off-site links in a manner that is not relevant or paired with coinciding content is considered spamming and is not allowed. CBSSports.com is not responsible for the information contained in off-site links and is not responsible for any damage incurred by clicking off-site links.
5. Spamming:
Spamming is not permitted in any form. Any repetitive, bulk message posted to the website, whether manually or via automated means, is considered spamming.
6. Trolling:
Trolling is not permitted in any form. Users may report abuse for trolling, but the determination regarding trolling is made solely at the discretion of the moderation staff.
7. Multiple screen names:
Multiple screen names, while not encouraged, are not a reportable offense, and such reports will be denied. Users can post using their facebook, twitter or CBS Member IDs, however, screen names or social network accounts clearly created to report abuse or incite discord on the site are not permitted. Screen names and accounts determined to be created solely for these purposes will be banned.
8. Report abuse:
All CBSSports.com users have the option to report abuse for posts containing one or more of the following: Offensive or obscene language, personal attacks, racist characterizations, ethnic slurs, sexist commentary, pornographic content, commercial advertising, stalking, inappropriate slurs or impersonating another person or entity. Users can flag abuse by clicking the 'Flag' icon located under each post and there are four options that are displayed, "spam, offensive, disagree, and off topic." We will not moderate comments flagged as "disagree" or "off-topic". We'll only be moderating items flagged "spam, or offensive." Users can also add notes to the 'flag report,' if they feel a user is constantly harassing or trolling users. All reported abuse posts will be reviewed by the moderation staff.
Note: Comments that violate the Moderation Guidelines will be removed from the site and the user could be banned at anytime if the moderation staff deems them to be excessively abusing the guidelines.