The Los Angeles Lakers beat the Chicago Bulls, 107-100, on Wednesday night in the final game of what had been a bizarre night of basketball. So it was only fitting that the final few minutes of this game provided some of the funniest drama of the season. At least from a gambling perspective.

After a fairly close game most of the way, the Lakers started to pull away at the end of the third quarter, and took control in the fourth. At one point they extended the lead to 18 points, and with 2:46 to play still led by 17. Not only were they cruising to victory, but a cover as well. The line was either Lakers minus-7 or Lakers minus-8, depending on where or when you placed your bet, but either should have been easy money at that point. 

The final few minutes, however, descended into chaos, because the Bulls just wouldn't give up. Over the ensuing two minutes they went on a quick 12-2 run to cut the deficit to just seven points. At that juncture, everything was in play from a gambling perspective. Suddenly, every play was important. 

We'll pick things up with just under 30 seconds to play, which is when things got absolutely wacky. The Lakers were up 105-98, but the Bulls had the ball. Shaquille Harrison missed a shot on the ensuing possession, and the Bulls fouled again. But Kyle Kuzma made just one of two free throws, extending the lead to just eight points at 106-98. 

Down on the other end, Jabari Parker got to the free throw line, but missed the first shot. Then he flung the ball toward the basket on the second free throw immediately after catching it, like he was quick-pitching someone in baseball. Parker was hoping the ball would carom back to him, and it actually bounced out to teammate Ryan Arcidiacono, but his attempt to bat it to a teammate went out of bounds. 

Still down eight with just 19.2 seconds left, it seemed the Bulls might pack it in. Instead they fouled again, sending Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to the line. He made just one free throw, though, putting the Lakers up by nine, 107-98. At this point, Lakers minus-7 and Lakers minus-8 were both still in play. The final Bulls possession would decide our gamblers' fate, one way or the other. And it did not disappoint.

Harrison raced the ball up the floor, and kicked it out to Arcidacono. The Kirk Hinrich-looking guard drove inside, then for some reason threw an audacious behind-the-back bounce pass to Harrison, who had sprinted through to the corner. Harrison's 3-point attempt rimmed out, and Ivica Zubac grabbed the rebound. Ahh, relief for Lakers betters.

But wait!

Arcidiacono snuck in and knocked the ball away, then made an acrobatic save out to Chandler Hutchison. The rookie then fired an absurd pass all the way across the court to Harrison, which was almost picked off by Josh Hart. But Harrison secured the ball, stepped back behind the 3-point line and pump faked, sending Zubac flying. He leaned in and drew the foul with just 1.3 seconds remaining. Absolute scenes.

It's all on the line now. 107-98 Lakers.

First free throw ... good. 107-99 Lakers. Lakers minus-7 still in play, Lakers minus-8 is hanging on to a push.

Second free throw ... bounces in. 107-100 Lakers. Lakers minus-8 is dead, Lakers minus-7 is hanging on to a push. 

Third free throw ... short. Final score: 107-100 Lakers.

NBA Twitter just couldn't believe how an easy cover turned into one of the most stressful finishes of the year from a gambling perspective.

A miraculous cover for Bulls plus-8 bettors, an absolute heartbreak for Lakers minus-8 backers. And a frustrating, but not devastating push for anyone who had it seven points either way. Wow, what an ending.