Under coach Mike D'Antoni, the Houston Rockets have taken their pace-and-space stylings to a new level this season. Their strategy is simple: Give the ball to James Harden, let him run pick-and-rolls and either get to the basket or create open 3-point shots.

In their 117-104 victory over Sacramento Kings on Friday, the Rockets did something that D'Antoni's old seven-seconds-or-less Phoenix Suns teams never did, something that the Stephen Curry-led Golden State Warriors have never done, something that the NBA has never seen before in all of its history: They attempted 50 3-pointers.

The previous record was 49, set by the 1995-1996 Dallas Mavericks in a 127-117 win over the New Jersey Nets. Those Mavericks made 18 of their attempts, while the Rockets made 21, just two shy of the record for makes.

James Harden 3 celebration
James Harden after making one of Houston's 21 three-pointers. USATSI

Here is Houston's scoring breakdown against the Kings:

  • 63 points from 3s
  • 16 points from free throws
  • 38 points from 2s
  • Of those 38 points from 2s, 36 were in the paint and two were from midrange

Hey, no one can accuse the Rockets of not having an offensive game plan.