Saying that it is just a natural movement, Draymond Green sees nothing wrong with his flailing legs. Yet while Green may not be purposefully trying to kick people, the NBA sees his actions as harmful, which is why the Warriors All-Star was received a flagrant foul for kicking James Harden in Golden State's 132-127 loss to the Houston Rockets on Thursday.

Green got away with another kick in Golden State's 138-109 win against the Phoenix Suns on Saturday. Attempting to draw a foul, Green kicked Suns rookie Marquese Chriss in the hand. Officials called a foul away from the ball, though, and all Chriss could do was grimace in pain.

Chriss continues to be in pain from Green's kick as his right pinky finger is still swollen two days later.

From the Arizona Republic's Paul Coro:

Green can protest all he wants but clearly, his kicks are causing harm.