Kevin Durant has had quite an interesting couple of days. 

First, there was the social media saga in which he sent some (quickly deleted) tweets criticizing the Oklahoma City Thunder and his former coach, Billy Donovan, which lead to the discovery of his private Instagram account. 

He apologized for those comments during Tech Crunch in San Francisco on Tuesday, saying they were "childish" and "idiotic," which was probably a good decision. However, on the same day, he also revealed in an interview with San Francisco Magazine that he initially regretted joining the Warriors

All of that strangeness, on top of his comments earlier in the summer that were critical of Under Armour -- who sponsors his MVP teammate Steph Curry -- reportedly have both players and team personnel in Golden State baffled. Via The Vertical:

The Warriors will open training camp Friday and maybe then things will get back to normal. The sneaker tiff with Curry seems to have blown over, and by addressing the Thunder tweets he saves himself from having to later. But make no mistake: Many in Golden State, team officials and players alike, have taken note of Durant's oddball offseason and are perplexed by it. They see a bright future for Durant in Oakland, league and team sources told The Vertical, and are bewildered as to why he is still addressing his past.

All of this will probably be forgotten about in a few months when the Warriors are dominating the rest of the league on the court, but still, dealing with this weirdness, and the questions that will assuredly be asked about it, is not the way the team wanted to enter training camp as they embark on a defense of their second title in three seasons.