The Timberwolves have reportedly been very active on the phones Thursday before the NBA Draft. They've been linked to the Celtics, Bulls, and possibly even the Knicks. Ricky Rubio is in trade rumors yet again and their No. 7 overall pick could be traded before they're on the clock.

The reason for all these rumors may be the Wolves are trying to create a package for Paul George or Jimmy Butler. According to The Vertical, Butler and George are two players of interest for the Wolves. George would be a rental while Butler has connections with Wolves coach Tom Thibodeau. 

Minnesota has been looking to move their draft pick for a veteran that could help raise up their young core. An acquisition like this could top off Minnesota's post-Kevin Love rebuild in a huge way.

The Butler acquisition makes sense, but George would be risky. George, a free agent next summer, has made it clear he wants to go to the Lakers and it would take a team that George thinks can win a title to convince him otherwise. If not, that team stands to lose what it trades for George, and the current Pacers star, after one season.