HOUSTON -- The world's been tracking the weather in Houston for the last week, wondering if the chillier weather and potential afternoon showers could hit Houston.

The NFL isn't taking any chances, apparently, and will close the roof for Super Bowl LI between the Falcons and Patriots.

It's strange, because it's usually Saturday when the league announces whether or not the roof will be open in these sort of situations.

But the league decided to push back the decision, based largely on the fact that the forecast was up in the air.

In an ideal situation, the roof would be open to cool down the stadium. But because of the impending weather in Houston, which includes a 10-15 percent chance of rain later in the evening, the NFL didn't want to take the chance.

via Weather.com

Check out colleague John Breech's breakdown here of how the weather and the dome decision will impact the various players involved.

And get ready to see a steamy Super Bowl, especially when it comes to the second half. With all of the fireworks and various action expected from Lady Gaga's performance, there is a very good chance that it remains smoky inside for a little bit to start the second half.