The Michigan basketball team has a pretty big game on Saturday, so naturally, coach John Beilein decided to chat this week with the one person from the university who knows all about winning big games: Tom Brady

Even though he hasn't attended Michigan in nearly 20 years, the Patriots quarterback is still a huge fan of his alma mater, and he proved that this week during a FaceTime session with Beilein. Apparently, the Wolverines coach was doing an interview with Jim Gray on Westwood One Radio when Gray offered to get Brady on the phone, and as we all know, if someone offers to get you Tom Brady on the phone, you don't turn them down. 

That's Brady and his newly buzzed head on Gray's phone

If Brady's excited about Michigan's Final Four appearance, you can't really blame him. The Wolverines were pretty bad at basketball during Brady's time at the school in the late 1990s (1996-2000).

During that span, the Wolverines only made the NCAA Tournament once and they didn't last long in that appearance, because they got knocked out in the second round. However, since Beilein took over in 2007, the Wolverines have been almost as successful in basketball as the Patriots have been in the NFL. In 11 seasons, Beilein has led the Michigan to the NCAA Tournament eight times. As a matter of fact, the game on Saturday will mark Michigan's second Final Four appearance over the past six seasons with Beilein. 

As for Brady, Beilein isn't the only coach who mentioned him this week. During Sister Jean's press conference for Loyola-Chicago on Friday, things got so crazy that Ramblers coach Porter Mosey compared it to a Brady Super Bowl press conference. 

That might actually be generous to Brady. 

Here's what one of Brady's press conferences looked like at the Super Bowl. Sister Jean might actually be more popular. 

Anyway, the 11th-seeded Ramblers will be Michigan's opponent on Saturday in a game that tips off at 6:09 p.m. ET from San Antonio. For more on the Final Four, be sure to click here and check out all of our coverage here at