Add Aaron Rodgers’ name to the list of folks who consider Tom Brady to be the greatest quarterback of all time. Graham Bensinger caught up with the Packers quarterback at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am recently and got his thoughts on Super Bowl LI that included a frank assessment of Brady’s awesomeness:

“I felt bad for Matt [Ryan],” Rodgers began. “I have gotten to know him over the years, he is a fantastic guy; he had an incredible MVP season and sitting there 28-3, I think everybody watching -- and probably at the game -- was thinking ‘Atlanta is gonna get their ring sized up here pretty soon.’ So that was disappointing.

“From a fan’s perspective, what a great game to watch and to see Tom in his greatness on display one more time. I mean, he didn’t need to win that to prove that he’s the G.O.A.T., but just another part of his legacy there.”

This is has been a popular sentiment in recent weeks, and understandably so. Even Reggie Wayne, who played with Peyton Manning in Indianapolis, is on the Brady Train. “Man you know I’ve played with one of the best,” Wayne said during an NFL Network appearance. “Eleven years with Peyton Manning. ... But it’s kind of hard to take that away from Tom Brady. This dude’s resume speaks for himself. I was quoted this week as saying if he finds a way to win this game, he’s probably the best ever. And not only did he win the game, it’s the fashion, the way that he did it. Down 25 points? Come on, man. Down 25 points, he set records -- all-time Super Bowl game. 466 yards? He’s good. He’s good.”

In perhaps the least-surprising news ever, Brady maintains that being the greatest ever is of little concern to him.

“None of those things have ever mattered to me and it’s just -- it’s hard for those things to even take up any space in my mind because they’ve never been of significance to me,” Brady told PFT last week. “There have been so many great players that I’ve played with, that I’ve played against over the years.”

In related Hall of Fame quarterbacking news, Rodgers would like us all to know that he ran a 4.66 40-yard-dash -- not a 4.71 -- at the NFL combine in 2005. Brady, if you’re wondering, needed 5.28 seconds to traverse 40 yards.