In Tom Brady's 17-year career, he's won two league MVP awards, five Super Bowls and four Super Bowl MVPs. And he's not slowing down, coming off an MVP-caliber season at age 39.

When Brady eventually walks away from the game, he'll likely go down as the greatest quarterback in the history of football -- not that he cares. At least that's what he told PFT Live on Tuesday.

"None of those things have ever mattered to me and it's just -- it's hard for those things to even take up any space in my mind because they've never been of significance to me," Brady said. "There have been so many great players that I've played with, that I've played against over the years."

Really, the only argument that could be applied against Brady is that he's had the benefit of playing for the greatest coach of all-time, Bill Belichick. It's a silly argument (after all, you can make the exact opposite argument regarding how Brady has helped Belichick), but it's not lost on Brady.

He also told PFT Live that other players would've been successful in his position.

"Everyone is different, everyone has different teams they've played on, coaches they've played for," Brady said. "I've been so blessed to play for the greatest coach at a time when our organization has done incredible things. I've played with the best teammates. Playing for Mr. Kraft and what his influence on the team has been. So I think there are so many players that if they were in my position and had all the opportunity I did, they would, I believe, accomplish so many of the same things."

Anyway, since Brady won't make the case for being the greatest ever, I will. In terms of regular-season stats, he's ranked:

  • Third in passer rating
  • Fourth in passing touchdowns
  • Fourth in passing yards
  • Fourth in completed passes
  • Second in fourth-quarter comebacks

Then you have to factor in his postseason success. He's ranked:

  • First in passes completed
  • First in passing yards
  • First in passing touchdowns
  • First in game-winning drives
  • First in fourth-quarter comebacks

Finally, you have to include his Super Bowl history. He's ranked:

  • First in passing yards
  • First in passing touchdowns
  • First in appearances
  • First in quarterback wins
  • First in Super Bowl MVPs

Brady might not care, but he's undoubtedly the greatest ever.