If you've ever had your job relocated to a new city, then you probably already know that one of the most painful parts of moving is finding a new place to live. 

New Cardinals running back Adrian Peterson had to go through that exact situation last week after being traded from New Orleans to Arizona. Fortunately for Peterson though, he didn't have to house hunt for long because one of his new teammates offered to let him move in. 

As NFL Network's Omar Ruiz recently explained, Peterson is now living with Larry Fitzgerald

"Nobody is more happy than Adrian Peterson right now, saying his prayers had been answered when he found out about the trade, and his teammates excited too," Ruiz said. "In fact, he's living at Larry Fitzgerald's guest house right now, and Peterson saying he had never heard his old buddy Fitz more excited than when he called him to welcome him to the team."

This almost sounds like a possible "Step Brothers" sequel. You have a team (Cardinals) and a player (Peterson) who were going nowhere this season, but then Peterson moves in with Fitzgerald and every problem is fixed. 

The pair have lived together for less than a week now, and let's review what has happened in that week:

  1. The Cardinals are 1-0. 
  2. Adrian Peterson ran for more yards in one game with the Cardinals (134) than he did in four games with the Saints (81).
  3. The presence of Peterson even opened up things for Fitzgerald, who caught 10 passes for 138 yards in Arizona's 38-33 win over the Buccaneers

If both guys continue with this type of success, there's a chance Peterson might not ever move out. 

After just one game Fitzgerald has been astounded at what Peterson's presence has meant to the Cardinals. As a matter of fact, Fitzgerald is pretty convinced that the Cardinals would have at least one Lombardi trophy if they had drafted Peterson in 2007

"I wish he'd have been here 11 years from the beginning," Fitzgerald said, via the team's official website. "I'd have a Super Bowl ring already. But having him here, his leadership, his demeanor in the huddle, I think it's reinvigorating everybody."

As for Peterson, the change of scenery from New Orleans to Arizona seems to have rejuvenated him

"I feel good. This is the opportunity I've been waiting for," Peterson said, via the team's website. "Once I got that call on Tuesday, I was rejuvenated."

The 32-year-old Peterson says he plans to play four or five more years, which means the two old-timers -- Fitzgerald is 34 -- could be living together indefinitely.