The New England Patriots offense has struggled this season, but head coach Bill Belichick does not plan to change much about their system. The future Hall of Fame coach says at this point, only minor changes would be implemented.

As the Patriots get ready to face the Arizona Cardinals this week and look to snap a two-game losing streak, Belichick shared insight on his plan going forward.

"Look, we're not going to go to the wishbone offense here. We're not going to run the veer," he said, via the team's official transcript. "Defensively, we're not going to change into a -- run some other team's defense or whatever. Yeah, major changes, yeah absolutely, we wouldn't be able to practice it."

Matt Patricia has been highly criticized this season for his play calls, with an offense that cannot seem to move the ball effectively or close out games. Belichick was asked if he is thinking about changing play-callers and he gave a very Belichick-esque answer, which is to say not much was revealed.

"Yeah. Again, the system that we have in place, I feel good about," he replied, not providing any specifics. "Which includes the offensive staff, it includes me, it includes whatever the whole process is. Yeah, on defense, on offense, on special teams."

Whatever that whole process is has not helped the Patriots' chances so far this year, but especially as of late. Since Week 7, the offense averages 1.2 touchdowns per game, tied for the fewest in the league with the Denver Broncos. They are not putting up many points offensively and quarterback Mac Jones' scrambling and decision making needs a lot of work.

Belichick did not rule out any changes, but says if there are any, they would be minor. 

"So, there's some things you know, you trim the fat here and, move it a little bit over in this direction," he said. "Or maybe you add a little bit more of something that you feel like is going well, maybe a player is doing something that -- or some part of your offense or defense doing something that's a little more productive. And maybe you want to add a little bit more to that. So, that would just be, let's say, shifting the emphasis."

The Patriots' red zone offense is borderline non-existent, with the last red zone touchdown coming in Week 9 and since then the team has failed on seven straight drives.

Jones, who has just as many touchdowns as interceptions with seven, was visibly frustrated last week, when he yelled, "Throw the f---ing ball! F---ing run game sucks!" in the loss to the Buffalo Bills

The Patriots are not currently in playoff position, with a 6-6 record and sitting in last place in the AFC East. They are not out of it yet though and if the offense can improve, with the defense playing at such a high level, they can put together a few more wins this season to build on for next year.