If we learned one thing from the NFL's predraft process, it's that Josh Allen definitely uses Twitter, which means there's probably a good chance he's going to find out about the scolding hot tweet that Jalen Ramsey indirectly sent his way on Friday. 

As you may or may not know, Ramsey loves to talk trash. Also, as you may or may not know, Allen kind of has a reputation for not being the most accurate passer, and when you combine those two things, hilarity ensues. 

The situation started on Friday morning when Buffalo tweeted out a video that showed Allen throwing his first pass in a Bills uniform. 

Less than 30 minutes later, Ramsey responded to the Bills tweet. 

"That's a pick waiting to happen," Ramsey wrote. 

OUCH. Talk about no chill, Allen had barely thrown his first pass in a Bills uniform and Ramsey was already ripping him.  

After taking a few minutes to think about his mean tweet, Ramsey apparently had second thoughts, because he ended up deleting it and deciding to chill. 

The good news for Allen is that Bills coach Sean McDermott doesn't seem too concerned about practice interceptions. After Friday's session, McDermott said it's alright if Allen has the occasional bad day as long as he keeps getting better. 

"We embrace, you've heard me say before, whether it's Josh or anyone else on our roster or this weekend is we embrace that growth mindset," McDermott said, via quotes distributed by the team. "We believe in learning on the job. If you take that approach of continual improvement, it's shown over the years that you'll end up where you're trying to end up, or at least closer to where you're trying to end up in terms of your goals."

By the way, the craziest part of this whole situation is that Ramsey wasn't even the first AFC defensive back to talk trash about Allen. Less than a week after the draft, Jets safety Jamal Adams also took a not-so-subtle shot at Allen's accuracy. 

If every defensive back is this confident about facing Allen, we probably shouldn't rule out the possibility that he throws 47 interceptions this year. 

As for Ramsey, he'll actually get a chance to pick off Allen when the Jaguars travel to Buffalo for a game in Week 12.