On Thanksgiving Brett Favre was fully reunited with Packers fans, having his number retired in an emotional ceremony along with Bart Starr at Lambeau Field. But the story isn't totally finished.

And after the Packers play on Thursday against the Lions on Thursday Night Football, NFL Network will air an episode of "The Timeline" titled "Favre Returns," going behind the scenes on Favre's retirement and eventual return to the Packers.

During a section called "The Betrayal," Favre admits when he picked the team he was going to play for following his release from the Jets (he was traded there by the Packers), he had one thing on his mind: revenge.

"I wanted to play for anyone who would play the Packers," Favre said.

Favre eventually picked the Vikings and returned to Lambeau Field wearing the much-hated purple of the Packers' rivals.

“I was so frightened of failing you can't imagine," Favre said. "To say in those two games I really wanted to play well is an understatement."

Favre picking the Vikings has to go down as one of the all-time sports betrayals -- some Packers fans still have trouble forgiving him. But time heals all wounds, as was evident on Thanksgiving night when Favre was welcomed back with open arms.

Brett Favre gets his number retired. (via NBC)