The NFL lost a legend this offseason when Jim Brown died at 87. Now, one of Brown's self-proclaimed successors is dedicating the rest of his own career to the Hall of Famer, in running back Nick Chubb.

"I'm definitely playing for him from here on out," Chubb told this week.

Internally, Browns players believe Chubb, 27, can ultimately overtake Brown as Cleveland's all-time leading rusher; he's now had four straight 1,000-yard seasons, and is fresh off a career-best 1,525-yard campaign. But Chubb is only focused on honoring Brown while following in his footsteps as a star Browns ball-carrier.

"What he did stood for a long time -- the yards, the stats, only in nine years," Chubb said, "so it's unbelievable what he was able to do in those in just nine years. It's crazy."

It turns out Chubb and Brown also share a unique history as Browns. Before the former was drafted as a second-rounder in 2018, then-general manager John Dorsey personally sent Chubb's college tape to Brown, seeking the legend's opinion on the Georgia prospect. Brown wholeheartedly approved, and not only that, but apparently foresaw Chubb's franchise-propelling ability.

"(Browns executive) Joe Sheehan has been telling me that story since I got here," Chubb said. "I never believed him until I got a text from Dorsey telling me that it was true after (Jim Brown) passed away. Just hearing that, it was a blessing. He saw something in me, and it's special."

Brown retired after nine NFL seasons (1957-1963) as a three-time MVP and nine-time Pro Bowler. He also went on to a prestigious off-field career, starring as both an actor and civil rights activist.