After just six seasons, it appears that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are already getting tired of the uniforms that they unveiled back in 2014. Although the team hasn't officially announced anything, the Bucs sent out a strong hint this week that they'll be unveiling a new look for the 2020 season. 

The team shared a mysterious video on social media that strongly insinuated a uniform redesign was coming. Under NFL rules, teams can't update their uniforms more than once every five years, and since the Bucs have worn their current threads for six, that means they're allowed to make a switch. 

Here's a look at the video that Tampa shared on Twitter. 

If you watch the entire video, you'll notice multiple headlines in there that hint at a new look. From "Bucs new uniforms mold old with new" to "Uniform effort" to "A bold new era" to "Hoisting new colors" to "Return to glory," the team clearly wasn't trying to be subtle with its hints that a new uniform is coming. 

The Bucs have also been dropping the googly eyes emoji to fans who have been asking whether or not the team will be getting new uniforms. 

The uniforms that were unveiled in 2014 have basically been hated by Buccaneers fans since Day 1, and that opinion hasn't really changed over the past six seasons. 

The biggest question about the new uniforms is whether or not the team is going to implement the Creamsicle color scheme that most fans have been calling for. Here's a look at the uniform that the team wore from their expansion year in 1976 to 1996. 

In 1997, the Bucs dumped the Creamsicle look for a pewter and red look that they would wear for 17 seasons. Although Creamsicle uniforms are some of the most iconic in NFL history, most Buccaneers fans have fond memories of the pewter look since the team wore them during its most successful era. 

After making the switch to the uniforms in 1997, the Bucs would make the playoffs in seven of the following 11 seasons, and they also won a Super Bowl in 2002. 

Although it's not clear which color scheme the team will embrace, they could potentially end up using both. The Bucs could stick with the pewter and red look, but then add a Creamsicle jersey as a throwback uniform. However, if the Bucs went that route, they'd likely have to switch to a white helmet so that it matched both sets of uniforms. The team actually had plans for a Creamsicle throwback in 2013, but those plans were scrapped because the Bucs didn't feel that the bright orange look matched their pewter helmets. The NFL only allows teams to wear one helmet, which means the Bucs weren't allowed to wear white helmets for their proposed Creamsicle game. 

The team's video seemed to hint that there will be some Creamsicle in the new uniform, so it wouldn't be surprising if the Bucs had it as an alternate look. 

At the rate things are going, you might not recognize many teams on the field next season, and that's because there are a total of four teams that could have new duds heading into 2020. The Rams, Falcons, and Browns have already announced that they'll be unveiling new uniforms this year, and if you add the Bucs to the list, that means 12.5% of the NFL is getting new threads this year.