You've seen speed before at the NFL level, yes, but rarely do you see the type that Tyreek Hill possesses. A full-on burner of a player, Hill has two extra gears most athletes -- in any sport -- wish they had. He routinely puts his sub-4.3s 40-yard dash speed on full display, making him the most dangerous offensive weapon in the Kansas City Chiefs' arsenal.

It was on this play, however, that he wasn't even the ball carrier and yet stole the show. In the team's Week 9 matchup with the Minnesota Vikings, running back Damien Williams burst through the trenches and put the safety on skates to set himself up for a 91-yard touchdown run. As you can see, as the play unfolds, Hill blazes into the frame on the right side of the screen and catches up with Williams -- who's running at full speed -- and ends up escorting him into the end zone.

One word: Wow.

Hill reached a top speed on that run of 22.6 mph, per Next Gen Stats, the fastest of his NFL career. 

Had Hill been carrying the ball, it would've also been the fastest registered speed of the season, but that designation goes to running back Matt Breida, who blasted off to 22.3 mph in Week 5. Instead, it was Williams who carried the rock on this play, and Williams who helped put the Chiefs in striking distance as they claw from behind to attempt a comeback win against the Vikings.

It's not Williams you'll remember though -- because Hill flat-out stole the show on this play.