If you own a 4K television, you might want to wear some sunglasses to watch the Seattle-Arizona game on Thursday, otherwise, you might go blind when the Seahawks take the field on Thursday night. 

For this week's game against the Cardinals, the Seahawks will be breaking out their neon green Color Rush uniform for the second straight year. If you don't remember it from last season, it's the uniform that looks kind of like a radioactive lime but also kind of like someone melted down Slimer from Ghostbusters and turned him into a color. 

Here's what Russell Wilson and a few of his teammates looked like when they wore the uniforms last season during a 24-3 Week 15 win over the Rams

The Seahawks are breaking out their bright green uniforms for the second straight year.  USATSI

If we learned one thing from last year, it's that NFL fans definitely have a love-hate relationship with the Seahawks' glowing uniforms. The people below seemed to hate the bright green uniforms. 

On the other hand, plenty of people also loved the Seahawks' look.

And then there were people who were just undecided. 

As for the Cardinals, they'll be wearing their Color Rush uniform for the first time ever. Although every team in the league was given a Color Rush uniform last season, not everyone got to wear it. 

The Cardinals have a black Color Rush uniform that they didn't get to wear because their Color Rush game was against the 49ers, who also had a black Color Rush uniform. Since the Niners were the home team, they got to pick what color they wanted to wear and they went with black. 

That means that this Thursday's game will mark the first time the Cards will be going with their all-black Color Rush look, which you can see below. 

Tyrann Mathieu is showing off the Cardinals' all black look.  NFL/NIke

The Cardinals also tweeted out a video showing off their new uniforms. 

Basically, the field is going to look like a giant bowl of mint chocolate chip on Thursday with the Seahawks' green uniforms and the Cardinals' black jerseys. 

If you plan on tuning into the game on Thursday night, keep in mind that it will be making a channel jump this week. After five weeks of airing on CBS -- plus one week of just airing on the NFL Network -- the Seahawks-Cardinals game will be making the move to NBC, although it will still be available on NFLN. The game will also be available to stream to Prime subscribers on Amazon.com.

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