On Wednesday, Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor underwent surgery in Green Bay to repair his right ankle. When his offseason began, Taylor was uncertain if he would have surgery, but ultimately decided to undergo an arthroscopic debridement procedure, described as a "a minimally invasive procedure to clean out the ankle." Taylor did not have any structural damage to his ankle, according to a report from NFL Media

The Colts top running back says he will "be ready to go" before 2023 training camp.

"That thing had a bunch of junk in there from a bunch of years," Taylor said (via "Just finally had to clean it out and make sure I'm good to go. We finally had the time to get it right, make sure I'm 100% ready to rock. That's all you can ask. It was a no-brainer. Get that out of the way, so you can focus on maintaining your body and get ready for the season."

The recovery timeline is not known and Taylor is putting an emphasis on taking time to heal.

"The number one thing is taking time to heal," he said. "The number two thing is relaxing, just mentally, after the type of season we had. Get healthy, decompress mentally. I'll be on my feet in no time ... I'll be ready to go."

He added that the struggles of the season made him stronger.

"The season is tough enough, but when you got something hindering you, it makes it tougher," the 24-year-old said.

The original injury took place in Week 4 against the Tennessee Titans and the ankle bothered him for the remainder of the season. He rehabbed the ankle, was in a boot for some time and ended up on injured reserve due to the injury.