Jalen Hurts helped inject life into the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, guiding a breakout for coach Doug Pederson's offense and leading the much-maligned Birds to an upset win over the New Orleans Saints. After Sunday's big win, however, Pederson did not commit to starting Hurts against the Arizona Cardinals in Week 15, declining to name a quarterback for the team's next game and telling reporters he wants to "go home and enjoy this one" before making a decision.

Pederson also made it a point not to single out Hurts' efforts in addressing the Eagles' surprise victory, despite the rookie signal-caller totaling 273 yards and an early touchdown against the NFL's top-ranked defense.

"It took everybody in uniform to win this game, not just one guy," Pederson said. "It takes a village to get this stuff done. Jalen was a part of it, yes, but it took a team effort."

Despite Pederson's unexpectedly subdued response, ESPN reported earlier Sunday that Hurts will remain the Eagles' starting QB in place of the demoted Carson Wentz for the remainder of the 2020 season, barring injury or "disastrous play." Hurts was far from disastrous on Sunday, finishing 17 of 30 for 176 yards and one touchdown while also becoming the second QB in NFL history to rush for at least 100 yards in his first career start.

Pederson has talked up the possibility of Wentz rebounding to once again be an "exceptional" starter, and it's possible, with fans and media alike set to hail Hurts as the key to Philly's turnaround, that he simply wants to maintain a positive relationship with the longtime starter he just benched. It does, however, seem like a long shot that he's serious about needing more time to re-evaluate the Eagles' current QB situation, complicated as the 2021 offseason may be.