After watching Gardner Minshew lead the Jaguars to two straight wins, Minshew Mania has officially taken over in Jacksonville, and it appears the team is now doing everything possible to capitalize on the newfound fame of their mustachioed quarterback. 

In the month of October, the Jaguars will be playing two home games, and for those two games -- which will be played in Week 6 against the Saints and Week 8 against the Jets -- they apparently want everyone to look like Minshew. To make that happen, the team announced this week that they'll be selling a "Minshew Mini-Pack" to their October home games, and if you buy one, you'll be getting a lot more than just tickets. 

For anyone who purchases a mini-pack, the Jags will be throwing in a fake mustache and a bandana on top of the tickets. Plus, all fans with mini-pack tickets will get the chance to take a picture on the field in their new Minshew gear. 

MInshew's mustache and his bandana have taken the league by storm. 

The Jags quarterback was so good in September that he was named the NFL's rookie of the month. 

Since taking over for an injured Nick Foles, Minshew has gone 2-1 as a starter while getting off to one of the most impressive starts of any rookie quarterback in NFL history. The rookie currently ranks in the top-10 of all NFL quarterbacks for touchdown passes, QB rating and completion percentage, and he's also met Uncle Rico. 

Minshew has been so good that his teammates are starting to think that his mustache might be giving him some sort of powers, just ask Leonard Fournette about that. 

"He's stronger than you think," Fournette said this week, via "I don't know if the mustache gives him power or what."

Fournette has also given Minshew the nickname of "Jockstrap King" because the quarterback likes to stretch in his jockstrap before games. 

Although the Jaguars want everyone to look like Minshew, the good new for all of us is that they didn't include a jockstrap in this give away, because thousands of people wearing a jockstrap at an NFL game probably would have gotten a little awkward.