Former Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel is going to be in Houston for Super Bowl LI. When he gets there, there are two teams he's hoping to see, and let's just say those aren't the Packers or Steelers.

Johnny Football was out and about in Southern California on Tuesday night when TMZ caught up with him and asked him which two teams he thought would be advancing to Super Bowl LI. Manziel didn't hesitate when he gave his answer.

"It's hard to go against the G.O.A.T., Tom Brady," Manziel said.

As for the NFC?

"I'm a big Kyle Shanahan guy," Manziel said. "I'm pulling for Matt Ryan, it's been a rough playoff run for him. I hope he pulls it off."

If you're wondering why Manziel is a "big" Shanahan guy, it's because the two spent a season together in Cleveland. Shanahan was the Browns' offensive coordinator during Manziel's rookie year in 2014, and the two seemed to get along just fine.

Shanahan only had good things to say about Johnny Football when he was asked about him over the summer.

"I was with Johnny for eight months, and Johnny is a very good guy," Shanahan said in June. "Johnny worked as hard for me as anybody. Everything I asked him to do, he did. He was very humble. He did not think he had all the answers. He knew he had to work."

It's funny that Shanahan should mention work, because that's exactly what Manziel is doing right now. During the interview with TMZ, the cameraman said the he'd like to see Manziel play again, and this was Johnny's response.

"Man, I'm doing very well, doing very well. Working out, doing good," Manziel said.

Manziel also added that he's now working out "five to six" times per week. According to TMZ, Manziel is planning to make "another run" at the NFL.

Anyway, if the Falcons and Patriots do make it to Super Bowl LI, don't be surprised if Manziel decides to attend the game. The former Heisman winner is scheduled to be in Houston during Super Bowl week, where he'll be signing autographs for money. For $50, you can also take a selfie with him, which sounds like a deal that's too good to be true.

You can see the entire TMZ interview below.