Watch Now: Hall of Fame running back Jerome Bettis discusses Super Bowl experience, Le'Veon Bell (3:06)

One of the most intriguing free agents this offseason is star Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell. Bell is arguably the NFL's best player at his position, and he wants to be paid accordingly. He also has no interest in playing out another season on the franchise tag. The Steelers may or may not acquiesce to his wish on that front, but if Bell does hit the open market, he's sure to have no shortage of suitors. 

One of those suitors with a ton of cap space is the New York Jets. The Jets are set to have nearly $80 million to spend this offseason and they always like to make a splash. On Thursday, a Jets fan that is a "self-proclaimed Jets spokesperson" reached out to Bell on Twitter and offered him a sizable chunk of that money. 

What did Bell think of that offer? Well, let's just say he was not too fond of the idea of playing for New York -- even for that amount of money. 

That's pretty definitive. But it did not stop Jets rookie safety Jamal Adams from attempting to persuade Bell that it might be worth it. He claimed that the Jets "will be the talk of the league this coming year." 

They'd certainly be among the most talked-about teams in the league if they managed to snag Bell on the open market, but the Steelers surely want to keep him around and he's said he wants to stay, so it seems somewhat unlikely.