With Giants general manager Dave Gettleman setting up to retire at the end of the season, as previously reported, sources said longtime Giants executive Kevin Abrams would get strong consideration to replace him. Abrams is viewed by ownership as a very worthy in-house candidate, and this franchise has often looked inward when conducting searches.

Abrams has a diverse skill set and has worked his way up the football operations ladder dating to Ernie Accorsi's time running the franchise. Abrams is in his 23rd year with the franchise and has spent the last four as the Vice President of Football Operations. He has been the team's assistant general manager for the last 20 years.

Abrams has experience in all areas of the organization, from salary cap and negotiations to player evaluations and is very well respected within that franchise and around the NFL. He has a much more analytical and diverse background than Gettleman and a skillset that is more in line with how progressive organizations are viewing the general manager position at this point in time.

Abrams has strong relationships around the league and in the agent community and also is already adept at navigating some of the nuances of that organization, with members of the Mara family in various roles. The Giants have been struggling again this season and there will be significant decisions looming about how the team moves forward and what it is willing to pay to recent top draft picks like quarterback Daniel Jones and running back Saquon Barkley.