Atlanta is officially part of Steelers nation. (CBS)
Atlanta is officially part of Steelers nation. (CBS)

The NFL Week 15 schedule says that the Falcons are playing a home game this week, but if you turn the game on, you'll probably notice it looks more like a road game -- and that's because Steelers fans have taken over the Georgia Dome. 

They're literally everywhere. 

Maybe Falcons fans just didn't want spend money on tickets.

Two weeks ago, when the Cardinals played in Atlanta, fans could get into the game for as little as $10. Thanks to the 'Steelers fan inflation,' the cheapest tickets for Sunday's game were going for over $165 on the secondary market. 

The Steelers have jumped out to an early lead after one quarter at 'Heinz Field South.' To keep tabs on the game, be sure to head over to our game tracker here