If you visit Philadelphia and don't eat a cheesesteak, it's almost like you didn't even actually visit the city. Former Eagles running back LeSean McCoy is clearly very aware of this, so he decided to hook up his entire team with cheesesteaks after the Bills played in Philly on Thursday. 

For McCoy, that meant purchasing a total of 200 cheesesteaks from a restaurant called Chickie's and Pete's, and then handing them out to his teammates after their 20-16 loss to the Eagles. 

Also, because McCoy is a nice guy, the Bills running back purchased a side of crab fries for everyone on the team. 

Buying enough food to feed an entire football isn't cheap. Although it's not clear how much McCoy paid for his 200 cheesesteaks and 200 orders of crab fries, we do know what the menu price is for each item

According to the Chickie's and Pete's website, a standard cheesesteak goes for $8.95, while an order of crab fries sells for $5.95. That's $14.90 for both, which comes out to exactly $2,980 for 200 meals. 

The Bills' game against the Eagles marked only the second time that McCoy has played in Philly since being traded to the Bills before the start of the 2015 season. McCoy's teammates are probably going to ask the NFL to start scheduling a preseason game in Philly every year for the rest of time if it means free cheesesteaks. 

Anyway, I'm not sure how the food got to the stadium, but if it was a delivery guy who had to take care of getting the 200 sandwiches to Lincoln Financial Field, let's hope McCoy tipped him more than 20 cents