LOOK: Twitter loves the Colts orangutan drafting players, but NFL analyst isn't a fan

After struggling in the draft over the past few years, the Colts decided to try something drastically different in 2017: They let an orangutan make their picks during the fourth round of the NFL Draft on Saturday. 

To be fair, Rocky the orangutan didn't actually decide who the Colts were taking. He just "announced" their picks on air in what will likely go down as the most entertaining moment in television history. 

The Colts' first pick on Saturday was the 137th overall pick, and Rocky was ready when the NFL Network cut to him to make the pick. 

Harambe would be proud. 

As things stand, USC offensive lineman Zach Banner is now going to go down in history as the first draft pick to have his same selected by an orangutan. 

After Rocky made the pick, Twitter was thrilled to see that the Colts were trying a new strategy in their war room. 

Others weren't sold on the Colts' new strategy of letting an orangutan make their picks. 

As it turned out, Rocky was so good at his job that the Colts let him finished up the fourth round by announcing two more picks. South Florida running back Marlon Mack and Albany State defensive tackle Grover Stewart also had their names "called" by Rocky. 

Although Rocky seemed to be a hit with some fans, NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock sounds like he never wants to see an orangutan announce a draft pick ever again. 

"If we're going back to the zoo, I'm walking off the desk. I've about had it with the zoo," Mayock said on-air, which probably hurt Rocky's feelings. "Enough. I mean, is this good TV?"

The answer to that question is, yes, Mike, and it's not just good TV, it's great TV. There's no other event in the world where you can watch an orangutan make multiple draft picks for a professional sports franchise.

For the record, Mayock's issue was that Rocky's appearance on the draft show would overshadow the picks he was making. 

"It's a big day for Grover Stewart, and rather than talking about that chimp, let's get back to some football here. It's a big day for him," Mayock said. 

Here are several fans who disagree with Mayock, and who thought that Rocky the orangutan was one of the best parts of the draft. 

Even this Rams fan was impressed:

Bears and Browns fans also seemed slightly jealous that their teams didn't think of using an orangutan. 

By the way, if you saw the look on Rocky's face while he made those picks and thought for a second, "I've seen that look" before, you have.

Anyway, if Rocky's three picks end up working out for the Colts, that raises one big question:

Could a team that's run with only zoo animals in its front office beat the Bears? That's a fair question. 

Oh, and if you're wondering how Rocky got so smart, here's your answer:

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