The Cleveland Browns are now 0-0-1, which is half a game better than being on pace to go 0-16. They tied with the Pittsburgh Steelers 21-21 on Sunday, and everyone just had one question: What does that mean for the Bud Light Victory Fridges that will unlock when the Browns get a win?

That sounds like a joke, but a lot of people were curious.

A lot of people seemed to want the fridges opened, but these aren't called "Not a Loss Fridges." They're called Victory Fridges, and Bud Light is sticking to its guns.

So, the fridges remain locked for the time being. Which is a small victory for Cleveland.

It could be argued that the fans that sat through a tie that essentially ended on a blocked game-winning field goal deserve free beer more than anyone -- especially when those fans haven't seen a win in 625 days -- but when you're looking for your first win since December 2016, a Week 1 tie can make it easier to wait just a little longer.

The Browns will play against the Saints next week for their next chance to unlock the fridges. That game looked unwinnable heading into the season, but after the Saints defense was shredded by the Buccaneers in Week 1, who knows? Maybe the fridges will unlock early after all.