The Cleveland Browns went 0-16 last season after going just 1-15 the year before. The Browns have not won a regular-season football game since Dec. 24, 2016. That's 598 days ago, for those of you who are counting. 

But things are expected to be better this year. The Browns traded for Tyrod Taylor, which gives them a real, professional-quality quarterback. They added Jarvis Landry, which gives them a playmaker at wide receiver. They expect to have Josh Gordon back. They signed Carlos Hyde and drafted Nick Chubb. They have a ton of youth and upside on defense, like with Myles Garrett. They might add Dez Bryant

So, we think they'll win at least one game this season. Maybe even more than that! We don't know how many games they'll win, nor when their first win will actually occur; but one thing we do know is what will happen if and when they win a game. A bunch of special fridges stocked with Bud Light will be delivered to various bars in and around Cleveland, and when the Browns win, those fridges will automatically unlock. 

These are smart-tech fridges so they will all unlock simultaneously, automatically once the Browns get their first win. The beers will be free, according to ESPN.

For posterity's sake, the Browns' schedule goes like this: Steelers, at Saints, Jets, at Raiders, Ravens, Chargers, at Buccaneers, at Steelers, Chiefs, Falcons, BYE, at Bengals, at Texans, Panthers, at Broncos, Bengals, at Ravens.