There is nothing better than arguing quarterbacks.

At, we've had our fair share of quarterback debates over dinners, and, of course, much of it has centered on Seattle's Russell Wilson.

Some will say I am a Wilson hater, which leads to the debate. Not true. I think he's good. Others I work with think he's great.

Time will tell.

But that's what makes talking quarterbacks so much fun. It leads to thought and debate and arguing and angry fans. That's what I expect my rankings here of the league's starting quarterbacks will do: provoke debate.

Aaron Rodgers stays in the top spot, followed by Tom Brady. Where's Wilson? Take a look. You might be surprised how high he is on my rankings.

You also will get mad because he's behind Andrew Luck.

Even our Jason La Canfora, who I think argued Wilson was better than Dan Marino in his prime last week at our NFL summit, would agree he'd take Luck over Wilson. Wouldn't you, Jason?

What will make putting together these lists tough in the coming years is the glut of good, young passers. Where they are now could be a lot different than a year from now.

Who knows? Wilson might even top the list, even if I doubt it now.

Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback in football. USATSI
1. Aaron Rodgers
GB • QB • 12
He had a down year in 2015, but he is still the best in football. I expect a big bounce-back season in 2016.
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2. Tom Brady
TB • QB • 12
Does he get better with age? Will he ever slow down? He just keeps on rolling -- and winning.
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3. Ben Roethlisberger
PIT • QB • 7
He was banged up last season and his numbers were down. But he will be back in a big way in 2016.
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4. Cam Newton
CAR • QB • 1
He was the league MVP for a reason. He led the Panthers to the Super Bowl and a big reason was because he improved as a pocket passer.
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5. Carson Palmer
ARI • QB • 3
He came back from 2014 ACL surgery to have a big year for the Cardinals, taking them to the NFC Championship Game. He just didn't get it done that day against Carolina, and will take that into 2016.
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6. Drew Brees
QB •
He's older and not the same guy he used to be, but he's close. He led the NFL in passing yards, continuing to roll up big numbers.
7. Andrew Luck
QB •
He had a tough season in 2015, with injuries limiting him. He also didn't play well when he was on the field, but there were reasons. He will bounce back.
8. Russell Wilson
DEN • QB • 3
He improved greatly as a pocket passer as the team leaned on him more in 2015. That's something they need to do even more moving forward. He's ready for it.
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9. Philip Rivers
IND • QB • 17
It's a shame his offense had so many injuries last season. Even behind a beat-up line, he still was able to put up some nice numbers and compete. That's the Rivers way.
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10. Eli Manning
NYG • QB • 10
In his second season in Ben McAdoo's offense, he seemed much more comfortable. With McAdoo now the head coach, it should stay that way for the two-time Super Bowl winner.
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11. Tony Romo
DAL • QB • 9
He suffered two broken collarbones that limited him in 2015. He's said to be back healthy again, which is huge for the Cowboys. Romo can still get it done.
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12. Matt Ryan
IND • QB • 2
He wasn't nearly as bad as his critics would lead you to believe, and it didn't help that he was miscast in his offense. Ryan's line needs to be better in front of him too.
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13. Andy Dalton
NO • QB • 14
He was on his way to his best season until he got hurt late against the Steelers, which forced him out of the postseason. He was answering a lot of critics when he was on the field.
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14. Blake Bortles
NO • QB • 9
He rolled up big numbers for the Jaguars in his first full season as a starter. But he has to cut down on the mistakes. As the defense improves, that should help, since he won't play from behind so much.
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15. Joe Flacco
NYJ • QB • 19
Flacco had to deal with a ton of injuries on offense when he did play last season and then went down himself with a torn ACL. He's said to be making a nice recovery and should be back for the start of the season.
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16. Matthew Stafford
LAR • QB • 9
It will be interesting to see what he can do now that Calvin Johnson is retired. I think he got caught in an offensive identity crisis early last season as the Lions didn't know whether to play power football or chuck it around. When he did settle in, he threw 32 touchdown passes.
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17. Derek Carr
LV • QB • 4
He made big strides in his second season in the league, and I would expect even more this season. He plays with a gunslinger mentality.
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18. Jameis Winston
NO • QB • 2
As a rookie, he showed a lot of poise and the ability to make plays in the pocket. I have a sneaky suspicion he will be a lot higher on this list next year. He does need to cut down on the picks after throwing 15 last year.
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19. Jay Cutler
MIA • QB •
He settled in and had a solid season for the Bears in 2015, even though he was limited in terms of weapons because of injuries. I still think he's better than most think.
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20. Alex Smith
WAS • QB • 11
He's done a lot of really good things with the Chiefs, leading them to the playoffs last year. Smith might hate to be called a game manager, but that's what he's asked to do.
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21. Ryan Tannehill
TEN • QB • 17
He's averaged 25 touchdown passes the past three seasons, yet most would say he's underachieved. It will be interesting to see what he can do in Adam Gase's offense, which is much more in line with his skill set.
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22. Kirk Cousins
MIN • QB • 8
After being a backup for most of his first three seasons, he became the full-time starter in 2015 and did some really good things. He threw for over 4,000 yards with 29 touchdown passes and 11 picks. The question now is whether he can do it again.
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23. Teddy Bridgewater
MIA • QB •
Before the 2015 season, I thought he'd be a lot higher on this list. But he didn't play as well as expected. He only threw 14 touchdown passes after throwing the same number as a rookie in 2014 in three fewer starts. He has to take the next step this season.
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24. Marcus Mariota
ATL • QB • 8
Viewed as a bit of a project, Mariota showed that he can make the plays inside the pocket when asked to play in a more conventional offense than he ran in college. The future is bright.
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25. Brock Osweiler
MIA • QB • 8
He flashed in his starts when Peyton Manning was injured, which led to his big contract with the Texans. Now comes the tough part: proving he can do it for the long haul.
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26. Tyrod Taylor
NYG • QB • 5
Taylor impressed in his first season as a starter for the Bills. He threw 20 touchdown passes and just seven picks and showed a flair for making plays outside the pocket. He has the ability to scramble away from pressure. It will be interesting to see what the Bills do with him for the long run.
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27. Sam Bradford
ARI • QB • 9
He will likely open the season as the Eagles starter, but rookie first-round pick Carson Wentz will have the job at some point. In 14 games last season, Bradford threw 19 touchdown passes and 14 picks. The Eagles brought him back, but then drafted Wentz, leading to Bradford pouting about it and wanting to be traded.
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28. Mark Sanchez
WAS • QB • 6
The Broncos signed him as a free agent with the idea he would take over leading Gary Kubiak's offense. Sanchez has done some nice things in his career, but can he fend off first-round pick Paxton Lynch?
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29. Geno Smith
SEA • QB • 7
Geno is a guy who still has some talent but I don't know if he'll get his shot in New York -- he might have to go somewhere else. If Ryan Fitzpatrick ends up the starter, slot him in at No. 26 ahead of Taylor.
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30. Robert Griffin III
BAL • QB • 3
The Browns are hoping they can revive RG3, but that's asking a lot. The Redskins babied him with their offensive structure, and now comes the tough part: proving he can play when he can't run around and use the read-option crutch.
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31. Blaine Gabbert/Colin Kaepernick
TB • QB • 11
Who will it be? Who should it be? Maybe Chip Kelly can get the best out of one of these two, but that's a tough task. Kaepernick has the most skills, but can his career rebound?
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32. Jared Goff
DET • QB • 16
I fully expect the rookie to be the starter from the beginning of the season. You don't take a kid first overall and make him sit -- not with what they have on the depth chart. He will be higher on this list next year.
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