Ranking the four eligible 'Hard Knocks' teams by who would be best for the 2019 edition

There is not a ton going on in the world of the NFL right now. That isn't stopping the Pick Six Podcast from rolling on at full speed. Oh no. It is daily regardless of what's happening in the world of football. Sure, sometimes, like on Tuesday, you might get more than half the show filled with "Game of Thrones" talk (spoilers, duh), but there's still going to be some chatter about the comings and goings of the NFL world.

Like, for instance, the news that the 49ers are trying to keep themselves out of appearing on "Hard Knocks" this year and apparently have convinced the NFL to let them avoid it. 

Which means we need to rank the remaining four teams that are eligible. Which is what we did on the show. Here are the rankings, and listen to the full pod in the player below and make sure to subscribe to get this daily goodness fired into your eardrums Monday through Friday. 

4. Lions

Ugh. This would be not good. Matthew Stafford is a fun character. Matt Patricia could show off his engaging personality? This team is boring. Please no. 

3. Redskins

There's some drama here with Washington having a rookie quarterback and a decent competition. But no one thinks the Redskins have any pizzaz this year. Their ceiling is low. How can you possibly get excited for this if you're an NFL fan? Maybe it's like a really boring train wreck or something.

2. Giants

OH YES. Dave Gettleman front and center with an Eli Manning/Daniel Jones situation. Saquon Barkley is an entertaining star. This is a sneaky boring team though, despite all the frequent drama surrounding the roster changes. 

1. Raiders

The only real answer here. You have go with Oakland and Jon Gruden and Antonio Brown and all of the delicious drama surrounding this team. Really the only excuse for NOT going with the Raiders is they're moving to Las Vegas soon and the NFL might want to highlight that disaster with cameras in some 24/7 fashion. Save it for "All or Nothing" and give us all the Raiders this offseason.

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