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If an NFL team calls Robert Griffin III, he's definitely picking up the phone. Griffin III is set to come back to the league after taking a sabbatical last season to focus on TV work, but he's ready to put his next career on hold. 

"I am ready to go right now," Griffin said, via CBS 10 KWTX. "I train every day. I throw and work out. I know what it takes to get my body ready and I am doing those things. Yes, it is a little bit tougher when you are flying around everywhere doing stuff for TV, but when you really want something, you make it work.

"So, if I get that call this year, next year, or five years from now I will be ready to play."

A series of injuries have derailed a once-promising career for Griffin, starting with a torn ACL in 2012 followed by a dislocated left ankle in 2014 and a concussion in 2015 that kept him inactive as Washington's third-string quarterback. A shoulder injury in 2016 limited Griffin to five games with the Cleveland Browns, which led to his release and jobless for the 2017 season.

Griffin spent 2018-20 with the Baltimore Ravens as a backup quarterback to Joe Flacco and Lamar Jackson. He started two games (1-1 record) and completed 56.9% of his passes for 288 yards with one touchdown and four interceptions (47.2 rating) in 14 games with Baltimore. In seven NFL seasons, Griffin has completed 63% of his passes for 9,271 yards, 43 touchdowns and 30 interceptions (86.5 rating) -- also rushing for 1,809 yards and 10 touchdowns. 

The 2012 AP Offensive Rookie of the Year isn't looking for a starting quarterback job this time around. He just wants to get back in the game and believes he can offer something to a franchise at 32 years old. 

"I still love to play," Griffin said. "But right now I am just focused on doing the best as I can as a storyteller and giving back to football as much as I can."