Rookie Jalen Ramsey, 'old man' Steve Smith engaged in pretty epic trash-talk battle

Jalen Ramsey won the battle on Sunday afternoon, but Steve Smith won the war. While the Jaguars rookie cornerback helped to keep the Ravens veteran receiver out of the end zone, Baltimore still came out ahead, winning the game 19-17. (Smith caught eight passes for 87 yards.)

And Smith let Ramsey know about it after, getting in his face causing an exchange on the field after the game.

Smith has some words for Ramsey. USATSI

Asked about the incident after the game, Ramsey called Smith an "old man."

"Y'all tell me who got in whose head," Ramsey said. "He came up to me after the game, you feel me? Y'all tell me who got in whose head. He's an old man acting like that.

"Ain't nobody worried about him. He came up to me, you know what I'm saying, on some disrespectful stuff. The game's over with. You still mad 'cause I was locking you up? All right, go sleep on that. I ain't trying to hear that after the game."

Ramsey kept fueling the fire when asked about his comments and the battle.

As you might imagine, Smith's reaction was to calmly walk away and not say anything about the comments on social media.

Oh right. It was the total opposite.

Smith blasted Ramsey on Twitter, saying he doesn't care about his respect.

And then he took to Sqor and really took a shot at the rookie defensive back.

In 5 to 10 u will be retiring and they will be taking my measurements for something you will NEVER BE. #HOFer. I got cleats with stronger thread then you!!!

It's pretty early in Ramsey's career to decide he can't be a Hall of Famer. He's been outstanding early on and he's not afraid to trash talk even the best players in the game. But he's also playing on a team that's now 0-3 and looks fairly lost in several phases of the game.

Smith's an all-timer and probably one of the toughest dudes you'll ever see play in the NFL. Cross him at your own risk, rookie.

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