After losing to the Packers 21-13 on Sunday, the Texans have now lost three in a row and are on the verge of a collapse that could cost them the AFC South.

Despite all of that, don't look for Brock Osweiler to be sent to the bench anytime soon, and that's mainly because he still has the support of the person in Houston who matters the most: Texans owner Bob McNair.

Following the game, McNair was asked about Osweiler's performance, and let's just say that McNair was impressed

"I thought he played great," McNair said on Sunday, via the Houston Chronicle.

Apparently, Osweiler has set the bar so low that 22-of-35, 202 yard, two-touchdown performance is now considered great. McNair also added that he thought Osweiler was just as good as Aaron Rodgers in the game.

"He played as well as his competitor did. If not for the passes that were dropped, his grade would have been higher than (Packers quarterback Aaron) Rodgers," McNair said. "Don't be critical of him. He played well."

Brock Osweiler impressed Texans owner Bob McNair on Sunday. USATSI

Although Osweiler's stats (202 yards, two touchdowns) were comparable to Rodgers' (209 yards, two touchdowns), any fan who watched the game would likely agree that Rodgers was much better. For one, 88 of Osweiler's passing yards came in fourth-quarter garbage time when the Texans were trailing 21-7. Osweiler's final pass of the game was a 44-yard touchdown pass to DeAndre Hopkins that came with under two minutes left to play.

Before that drive, Osweiler had only thrown for 102 yards. Also, ESPN's QBR metric, which hands out a quarterback rating based on every pass a player throws, heavily favored Rodgers. Rodgers finished with an 84.5 rating -- the fourth best of Week 13 -- compared to Osweiler's 66.2. The QBR metric isn't perfect, but it takes into account that Osweiler racked up yardage in garbage time.

Also, let's not forget that Rodgers played this game with a bad hamstring, meaning that a 100 percent healthy Osweiler wasn't even as good as a hobbled Rodgers.

The bright side here for the Texans is that, apparently, their offense is about to click.

"I feel like we're very close to exploding as an offense," Osweiler said, via "We are three, four plays away from changing multiple football games. Because of that, I don't think we can get discouraged. ... We're tired of being close. We really are, as a team. We're all able to see it on the film. We see it on the film every single week that we're so close to turning that corner."

The Texans are going to need that offensive explosion to come soon if they want to win the AFC South. At 6-6, the Texans are currently tied for first place with the Titans and could be tied with Indianapolis if the Colts win on Monday night.

If the Texans can turn things around in Week 14 and beat the Colts, that would put them in the driver's seat for the division and then McNair can show how smart he was to invest $36 million guaranteed in a quarterback who led his team to the playoffs.