For the second straight week, a rookie fumbled on his first career touch on "Thursday Night Football."

All Kareem Hunt did after fumbling on his first touch of the game last week was set an NFL record for most total yards by a player in his NFL debut. Hopefully for the Cincinnati Bengals, John Ross is able to similarly bounce back from his first career blunder. 

Midway through the first quarter of the Bengals' Week 2 game against the Houston Texans, Ross caught the ball on a pitch from Andy Dalton on an end-around. He burst through the first layer of the defense with a full head of steam and looked to be on his way to a nice gain ... but he forgot to protect the football. 

Kareem Jackson made a picture-perfect form tackle and knocked the football right out of Ross's hands, and into the waiting arms of Jadeveon Clowney. And that's when Clowney started rumbling down the sideline, looking a whole lot like a running back. 

Clowney might've worked his way to a score, but for Andy Dalton hustling on the back side of the play. 

And it's a good thing Dalton wound up tracking Clowney down, because the Bengals defense was able to hold serve on the ensuing possession, limiting the Texans to only a field goal on a drive that began deep in Cincinnati territory.