The New England Patriots dynasty just keeps rolling right along. People -- guilty as charged! -- spent a lot of hot air this past week explaining why the Chargers would beat the Pats in New England, despite the Patriots not losing a divisional-round game there since the 2009 season. 

New England is now headed to its eighth straight AFC Championship Game, a borderline impossible feat, something you wouldn't believe would ever happen were we not witnessing it right before our eyes. And yet, the Patriots are underdogs to the Chiefs in the AFC title game and are fully capable of playing the "no one believes in us" card. 

Hand them the card, they'll throw it on the table. Tom Brady did it immediately following the Patriots' dominant win over the Chargers, noting that "everyone thinks we suck" when speaking with NFL on CBS reporter Tracy Wolfson.

"It should be a good game. They're a good team. We played them earlier this year," Brady told Wolfson. "I know everyone thinks we suck. And can't win any games. So we'll see."

Tom Brady is scary in the first place. Tom Brady at the age of 41, realizing he is 120 football minutes away from winning his sixth Super Bowl and maybe even riding off into the sunset as a champion? That's absolutely terrifying. 

Brady hasn't played his best this year. But he played great on Sunday, largely because the Patriots' offensive line completely nullified the Chargers' pass rush. Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa didn't get a sniff on Brady during the first half, and the zone defense the Chargers played on the back end allowed Julian Edelman to get open all day long and created a situation where the Chargers simply couldn't stop the Pats from converting third downs. 

The Patriots looked as dominant as they have all season long. They just smashed a very good Chargers team. SMASHED them. And now they're going to Kansas City as an underdog in a playoff game with the belief that no one thinks they can win. What a world we live in.