New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning got another chance to show what he's got left on Monday night against the Philadelphia Eagles, after being benched for rookie Daniel Jones earlier in the season. It was rumored that the 38-year-old was done for good, or at least done in New York, but this game just made things a bit more interesting.

While the Eagles are far from greatest team in the league, Manning came out looking like his vintage self and sent Giants fans into a frenzy of remembering the good old days. The nostalgia meant a lot to New York fans, who seemed to be watching their two-time Super Bowl champion quarterback with wide eyes and a permanent smile.

Let's not get too ahead of ourselves here, though. The team is still eliminated from the playoffs and stands at 2-11 after the 23-17 overtime loss. But for Giants fans who have suffered all season, it was finally a fun game loaded with glimmers of hope and it sparked lovely memories of the past. 

At the very least, Manning is making his case for why he still belongs in this league, and only time will tell whether he has the chance to continue making that case. Of course, any win pushes the Giants draft pick back, but Manning playing well and an eventual loss was the perfect formula. 

The Internet was of course buzzing with Eli's great return, and he was trending on social media all night. Here are some of the best reactions:

In case you missed it, Manning went 15 of 30 with 203 yards, two touchdowns and the best part of all... no interceptions. 

Mood in New York:

Eli even makes his defense better. The power he has. 

SuperEli is here to save the day.

Manning has woken up from the dead and cannot be stopped. 

I mean, the Eagles stopped him on what could have been the game-winning drive as time expired, but ignore that for the sake of this meme.

Manning is now seventh all-time in career passing touchdowns. 

This was well before the game ended. Is that good?

San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman weighed and and said Manning absolutely still has it.

The potential future Hall of Famer now has a losing regular season record, though.

You know what they say, there's always next year.

After the game, head coach Pat Shurmur would not comment on who would be the starter for the remainder of the season.