If you haven't heard, this Jimmy Garoppolo fella who is playing quarterback for the 49ers is kind of popular. After San Francisco landed the Patriots backup QB for a second-round pick, he sat a few games and has come on like wildfire the last three games, becoming the first quarterback for the 49ers to throw back-to-back 300-yard passing games since Jeff Garcia in 2000. 

You see the play on the field and it's easy to love him. Then you hear the video of Jimmy G mic'd up against the Titans, a game where he marched the 49ers down the field, and it's impossible not to swoon a little bit. 

Garoppolo was handed the ball with 1:07 left in the game and down one point following a Titans field goal. When the 49ers got the ball back, frankly, it felt like they would figure out a way to get a look. 

You can just see the calm, cool and collected manner in which he's handling things on the field. Part of it is preparation -- on the video you can hear him before the drive saying "can you run me through the two minute calls" and then walking around to his various receivers and explaining exactly what to do on certain routes.

"Keep running good routes. They can't handle your quickness. Just hit them off you and you'll be fine," Garappolo tells Trent Taylor. "We want to hit the middle because their safeties are super wide."

"Slip him and look, as you're slipping him, because I'll bang it on you, because he has to turn his hips -- the safeties are so deep bro, you'll get another 10 or 12 yards," Garoppolo told tight end Garrett Celek

Celek busted up the middle on a play designed to beat Cover-2 coverage, with the aforementioned deep safeties, looked back and Garoppolo found him quickly. Celek would get the yards. 

"I'll bend you across a little bit, if he's playing on top of you, you can do one of these [Garoppolo mimics a juke move] and then go," Garoppolo tells Marquis Goodwin. Just feel it out, be a football player."

Goodwin reads the coverage on the play in question, cuts into the middle of the field on a slant out of what looks like an option route and Garoppolo finds him quickly for a first down. 

All of the fawning over Garoppolo is a little ridiculous, but Jimmy G is the only quarterback to win his first five starts since Ben Roethlisberger. He looks the part of a franchise quarterback, he plays the part of a franchise quarterback and he sounds the part of a franchise quarterback. 

If it all sounds and looks familiar, it should, because Garoppolo, who has studied underneath Tom Brady for four years, looks and sounds just like his old quarterback pal and mentor.