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San Francisco 49ers running back Raheem Mostert is addressing those who send hate to him and others on social media. The running back has had trouble staying healthy throughout his career. His latest ailment, a knee injury suffered during Sunday's game against the Detroit Lions, seemed to upset some fans and caused them to send some hurtful messages to most hurt online.

Sunday night, Raheem's wife Devon posted on Instagram that her family was receiving hateful messages, including some messages that told Raheem to kill himself.

She posted a long message, with the caption, "Sometimes I cannot deal with this fanbase." 

The post said:

"It's days like today where I truly contemplate never getting on social media again. As if today wasn't hard enough, to get on here and have dms about how my husband should kill himself, about how he should be cut, about how he's made of glass. I know I shouldn't care, but wow." 

She continued explaining that Raheem has made many sacrifices and football is how their family makes a living. 

San Francisco's head coach Kyle Shanahan said the injury is not ACL related. Mostert, 29, has already sprained his MCL many times. Shanahan announced he is out least eight weeks with a knee cartilage injury.