Wisconsin kid wears Aaron Rodgers jersey for 1,000 straight days

A Wisconsin kid's worn an Aaron Rodgers jersey for three-straight years.
A Wisconsin kid's worn an Aaron Rodgers jersey for three-straight years. (Via News8000.com)

Packers fans are a dedicated bunch. But David Pehl laughs at every other Cheesehead. Pehl, a 6th-grader from Holmen, Wisconsin, has worn an Aaron Rodgers jersey for more than 1,000 consecutive days.

Think about that. 1,000 days (technically he's closer to 1,050) is almost THREE YEARS of wearing the same shirt -- a jersey no less -- day in and day out. Pehl's shooting to break a record set by someone wearing a Brett Favre jersey for more than four years.

His parents sound just thrilled.

"Everyone asks, 'Is he still wearing the shirt?' Yes, he's still wearing the shirt," Jessica, his mother, said.

The best part, though? They're all Vikings fans.

"Being a Viking family we tried to convert him, but once we knew he wasn't going to convert we said OK," David's father, Dave, said. 

The dad helped paint a "Packers sanctuary" (see: above) for the kid, but did it while wearing a Vikings jersey, so at least, if nothing else, he's a good parent.

"I thought a year maybe, and here we are almost three years later and he's still doing it," Dave said.

Adding to the fun for them is a) the need to hand wash the jersey every other night (to avoid the stink) and b) their youngest son's now decided to try and wear a Vikings jersey for four-straight years.

At least their house doesn't smell like teen spirit.

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