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After the week Duke had, nobody would have been surprised if the Blue Devils earned a No. 1 seed from the NCAA Tournament committee. Winning four games in four days to take the ACC tournament championship is a pretty big notch on a team’s belt.

But Duke wasn’t rewarded with a No. 1 seed, instead getting the No. 2 in the East region. Some are calling it a snub, but Vegas doesn’t really care what number goes in front of Duke on their brackets.

According to Westgate Las Vegas Superbook, Duke has the best odds to win the NCAA Tournament -- better than any of the No. 1 seeds.

As you can see, Duke is ahead of No. 1 seeds Villanova, North Carolina, Kansas and Gonzaga. Curiously, Kentucky, another No. 2 seed, has the third-best odds to win the whole thing.

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  • Duke 5/1
  • North Carolina 6/1
  • Kentucky 8/1
  • Villanova 8/1
  • Kansas 8/1
  • Gonzaga 10/1
  • Louisville 12/1
  • Arizona 12/1
  • UCLA 12/1

It just goes to show you, teams and pundits can complain all they want about the seeding -- at the end of the day, the best teams are usually the ones that advance.