We gather here not to mourn the passing of yet another Bottom 25 season, but instead to crown a new champion.

This year our champion is Texas State, which put the finishing touches on the season with a 36-14 loss to Arkansas State on Saturday night. The loss wrapped things up and kept Rutgers at an arm's reach, allowing the Bobcats to celebrate becoming the fourth Bottom 25 champion in college football history.

That's right, the Bottom 25 has been around longer than the College Football Playoff, and even if it's not as prestigious, winning the Bottom 25 title often proves to be a good thing, though I doubt Texas State feels great about it right now.

Still, the Bobcats can take some solace in seeing what other Bottom 25 champions have done.

In 2013, Miami (Ohio) went 0-12 to be crowned our first champion. This year, the Redhawks are 6-6 and going bowling.

In 2014, it was SMU going 1-11 that won our title. This year, the Mustangs went 5-7, recently signing coach Chad Morris to a contract extension, and the future looks bright.

Last year our champion was Central Florida. The Knights went 0-12 in 2015, and this year they finished 6-6 and are going to a bowl game.

What I'm trying to say here is that winning this title tends to lead to even better things.

So please hold your head high while accepting this Bottom 25 championship trophy, Texas State. Find a place for it in your trophy case to serve as a reminder of where you've been, and where you plan to go from here.

The Texas State Bobcats are your 2016 Bottom 25 Champions

And now, the final Bottom 25 of the 2016 season.

1. Texas State, 2-10

2. Rutgers, 2-10

3. Kansas, 2-10

4. Fresno State, 1-11

5. Buffalo, 2-10

6. Massachusetts, 2-10

7. Marshall, 3-9

8. Virginia, 2-10

9. Purdue, 3-9

10. Illinois, 3-9

11. UL-Monroe, 4-8

12. Rice, 3-9

13. East Carolina, 3-9

14. Connecticut, 3-9

15. Florida Atlantic, 3-9

16. San Jose State, 4-8

17. New Mexico State, 3-9

18. Kent State, 3-9

19. Syracuse, 4-8

20. Charlotte, 4-8

21. Arizona, 3-9

22. Bowling Green, 4-8

23. UTEP, 4-8

24. Utah State, 3-9

25. Florida International, 4-8