Manager Alex Cora and hitting coach Tim Hyers want Bogaerts to be more aggressive at the plate, Brian MacPherson of the Providence Journal reports.

Bogaerts has gotten into the habit of taking pitches, including pitches down the middle of the plate he can drive. It's a passive approach that may have led to his diminished power in 2017, when he hit 10 home runs, down from the 21 he hit in 2016. Bogaerts swung at a career-low 42 percent of pitches last season, including fewer than 12 percent of first pitches. "He's an impressive young man who has power," Hyers said. "The more balls he hits over the center of the plate and where he's looking, he can do more damage and put some fear in the pitchers instead of just trying to put the ball in play." The challenge for Bogaerts will be to train his body to be more aggressive and not take a hittable strike for the sake of taking a pitch.

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